Batch JPEG Rotator

Batch JPEG Rotator 2.65

Allows you to batch rotate JPEG images without sacrificing image quality

Batch JPEG Rotator is an easy-to-use program that allows you to flip and rotate multiple JPEG images. It differs from regular editors because it does not recompress images to rotate them, and thus image quality is not sacrificed.

Its interface has an intuitive design; it supports drag & drop, and allows you to select entire folders and include sub-folders. After the image thumbnails are added, you just need to choose one of the processing methods - rotate all 90° clockwise or counterclockwise, rotate 180°, flip vertically or horizontally, or rotate all by camera settings - and the source images will be processed. There's no 'save as' option available, so it is better to create a backup copy if you're not sure about rotating your original pictures.

In short, the program works well; it rotates images very fast, and automatically detects if the EXIF orientation of the photos is correct. Besides, its price is not excessive compared to other editors that allow lossless rotation of JPEG images; but its downside is that it does not include any other editing or transforming options.

Roberto Jimenez
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Review summary


  • It rotates JPEG images without quality loss
  • It supports batch processing and processes the images very fast
  • It auto-detects EXIF orientation
  • It has an undo function


  • It only rotates images, no other editing or transforming options available
  • No "save as" option included
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